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Using advices

Soil preparation

To replace a vine stock, make a hole with a good depth (approx. 40 cm) at the desired location with an auger or a mini-excavator. Once the hole is made, refill it. For a new planting, use a chisel plow to till deep. Then, just use the Plavi bar to plant the new seedlings and rootstocks.
Caution! Better the tillage is, easier will be the utilization of the dibble. Make sure to use the Plavi Bar in loose soil, not or little wet. It is not needed to use force in the manipulation of the dibble, under any circumstances.


The first year of planting is the most important one for the future vine. Here is a summary table on the benefits of planting vine seedlings with long roots.

Planting without roots Planting with roots
Purchase More expensive than plants with roots Less expensive than plants with roots
Watering Compulsory Not required depending on the season
Growth Normal high
Vigor Weak to normal Strong
Profit after 1 year !!!! 1 year gained