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The society INCO BC, formerly society CLABY, is pleased to present its dibble PLAVI, an innovative tool for planting manually vine plans with roots (up to ~10 cm). It has been invented and is used by Benjamin Clavel, winemaker in the south of France.

Photo de la pince Plavi

Planting of seedlings and rootstocks with the PLAVI bar is easy, fast and plantations so produced are outstanding (result recognized by agricultural professionals (nurseries, agricultural technicians)). The use of the PLAVI planting tool does not require any strength and can be used in any type of soil provided that the ground has been previously worked.

The PLAVI planting tool bar is entirely manufactured in France and the system is patented. It is produced using modern technology, fully machined, and it is guaranteed for 2 years against factory defect and faulty or defective parts. The INCO BC company pays close attention to the fair distribution of the added value from manufacturer to seller, to enable the customer to acquire a tool of quality at a reasonable price. To purchase a dibble PLAVI, please visit the page Buy/Distributors.

The dibble PLAVI received the first prize of innovation at the DIONYSUD 2010 show

First prize of innovation, DIONYSUD 2010 show
Viticultural show DIONYSUD 2010
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